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New update posted 21 June 2013.


Mike Filmer is author of this publication.

Gavin Malcolm has collaborated with Mike to bring this publication online.

The alphabetic links below will download PDF files containing data on each described name. The pictures within the files illustrate the type specimen or designated representative figure unless otherwise stated in the caption. The master files have been updated in November 2012 and include the data published in Update3. The size of the files for downloading has been significantly reduced in this release.

Mike Filmer (R. M. Filmer) is a shell collector specialising in recent Conidae. Although now residing in the UK, he has worked in many countries and traveled extensively in pursuit of extending his knowledge and reference collection of recent Conidae. The author has published many articles on Conidae and in 2001 released his book “A Catalogue of Nomenclature and Taxonomy in the Living Conidae 1758-1998" in conjunction with Backhuys Publishers, Leiden, The Netherlands. Mike has been conducting research on the taxonomy and nomenclature of recent Conidae and has obtained the reference material for this publication over thirty and more years. The author wishes to thank the many museums and fellow cone collectors who have given him permission to photograph and to use the pictures of the type specimens. He has done his best to ensure any rights are respected and has made every effort to obtain permission to publish where necessary. A fuller acknowledgement of those who contributed is found in the Acknowledgements section, below.

Update 21 June 2013


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